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Public's View On My Traditional Clothing ڕات چیه له‌سه‌ر جله‌كه‌م

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I just hope that my people do not get offended by this video as its an experiments/comedy. Hope that you all can keep up the support and amazing comments, as it gives me great confidence. Let me know what you thought of the video and give me ideas for my upcoming contents. هیوادارم هیچكه‌سێك دڵگران نابێت به‌م ڤیدیۆیه‌ كه‌ ته‌نها لێكۆڵینه‌وه‌یێكه‌ له‌گه‌ڵ چه‌ن له‌قته‌ی كۆمێدی. هیوادارم به‌رده‌وامبن له‌ پاڵپشتیه‌كانتان له‌گه‌ڵ كۆمێنته‌ جوانه‌كانتان كه‌ وره‌یێكی زۆر ده‌دات به‌من. پێمبڵێت چۆنتان بیركرده‌وه‌ له‌سه‌ر ڤیدیۆكه‌ وه‌ پێشنیاری چه‌نشتێك بكه‌ن بۆ ڤیدیۆی داهاتو. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and ???? TURN ON PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ????...
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