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Xecê - Lorî with English and Turkish subtitles (Kurdish Folk Song)

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Kurdish Folk Song | Dengbej with English and Turkish subtitles Song used: Xecê-Lorî Dialect: Kurmanji DISCLAIMER: All credit for pictures and music used go to their orginal creators/owners. Thanks for watching and do not forget to like, subscribe and comment! Lyrics: Kurdish: English: Turkish: Em şevek derketin rê, Çar alî berf tofan bû, Once we went out during night, There was a blizzard from all four sides, Bir gece düştük yollara, Dört bir yanımız kar tufandı, Were can, were ba min, Çi bikim? Bê te nabim, Were can, were ba min, Ez bê te nizanim, Come my beloved, come to...
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