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Sehrîbana Kurdî - Welatême Kurdistane with English and Turkish subtitles (Kurdish Folk Song)

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Kurdish Folk Song | Dengbej with English and Turkish subtitles Song used: Sehrîbana Kurdî-Welatême Kurdistane Dialect: Kurmanji DISCLAIMER: All credit for pictures and music used go to their orginal creators/owners. Thanks for watching and do not forget to like, subscribe and comment! LYRICS: Kurdish: English: Turkish: Welate me gulistan ê, Cîh û meskenê me Kurdan ê, Welat ji mere ruh û can ê, Kurd hemû bira ne, Our homeland is the land of flowers, Our land and our country is Kurdish, Our homeland is for us our soul and our life, All Kurds are each others brother, Mermiler ülke, Yerimiz...
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