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360° Newroz 2017 (Hasan Zirak) | Erbil, Kurdistan

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A 360° video to celebrate the Kurdish New Year of Nawroz of the fountains and clock tower in the main square of Hawler - Shar Park, which lies beneath the famous Citadel and next to the Bazar - set to festive music of legendary Kurdish crooner Hasan Zirak! Happy Norooz/ Nawrouz /Newroz /Novruz / Nowrouz / Nowrouz / Nawrouz / Nauryz / Nooruz / Nowruz / Navruz / Nevruz / Nowruz / Navruz! =] -------------------------------------------------------- Camera: Ricoh Theta S ( https://goo.gl/OQcg4A ) Music: Newroz - Hasan Zirak Thanks for watching! -------------------------------------------------------- How to view the 360° video: Desktop using Google...
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